Being Social

Need time out and I don’t mean taking a break. Time to be social, out and about.

Fatigue can make your social time limited.  Going out with a friend or friends is easier than going out alone.  Do things gradually at first and aim to do more when your fatigue improves, remembering to choose a time when your immune system is not low, risking infection.

Good, quality time with friends can be an amazing pick me up,  and a chance to talk about other interests, hobbies, and topics not related to cancer. People going through treatment sometimes need a break from talking about cancer.

Pace yourself,  try not to get overtired and plan rest times between activities. Often a planned outing will be cancelled so friends please do not be offended. Sometimes the want to be social is bigger than being actually able to. The patient is just too sick.

These tips from Cancer Research UK can help:

  • Get some rest during the day if you’re going out at night – you’ll have more energy for the evening.
  • You can take some anti sickness tablets before you go out for a meal if you think you’ll need them.
  • Drinking a little alcohol probably won’t affect most types of chemotherapy – but check with your doctor first.
  • To avoid getting an infection, always eat freshly cooked food – avoid raw meat, fish, eggs, soft cheese and take away foods.
  • If you have an important social event coming up, ask your doctor whether they can arrange your chemo so that you’re between treatments that week.

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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