Christmas barbecues and picnics are already in full swing. Parks are full every weekend with families, friends and work celebrations.

Food at barbecues or picnics is more likely to harbor food borne bacteria.  Food is often left unrefrigerated outside for too long before consumption.  Insects wind-borne dust and bacteria and meats cooked on barbecues with chicken and seafood add to the risks of food poisoning.

Remember your Nadir period, when your white blood cell count is at its lowest making you more susceptible to infection from these bacteria. When possible, at outdoor events, bring your own food to avoid any confusion or fear about how the food was prepared or chilled. People with allergies do, so why not you!

Fresh fruit and vegetables can harbour mold and bacteria around the stem and bruised/broken areas so remove all these parts and wash all your produce thoroughly. Clean your hands before and after food preparation and before consuming produce.

Remember your hand sanitiser! We have popped a thank you one in Kit. Don’t leave home without it this Christmas period.

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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