Cancer patients are at high risk for dehydration from both the disease and the treatment. As temperatures soar during Summer this risk becomes higher.

A quick test to check if you think you are dehydrated is to lightly pinch and pull up your skin and it stays standing up in a tent. Other symptoms include increased thirst and a dry or sticky mouth, signs of fatigue, dry eyes or blurred vision, headaches or disorientation, muscle cramps, lack of sweat, dark urine and fever.

If you can’t keep fluids down, try ice.  You also may find that taking small, frequent sips is easier than drinking large amounts at a time. Try water, soda, bouillon, juice, or whatever you can tolerate. Avoid alcohol and caffeine because they may increase the effects of dehydration.

Don’t forget your Hydralyte in Kit. Hydralyte is the best thing to ensure that you replenish all of your electrolytes back into their body.

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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