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Bacteria can be sneaky. You may clean your makeup brushes and toss away beauty products that have expired but there are other ways bacteria makes its way into your beauty regime.

  • If you use products in a jar as opposed to a tube each time you dip your fingers in you’re adding bacteria can cause irritation, acne and redness. Tip: Use a cotton swap instead of your fingers.
  • Instead of pumping mascara with the wand try gently twisting the wand back and forth or in circular motions to pick up the desired amount of product. Pumping pushes air into the tube drying out the mascara, creating a dry, dark breeding ground for germs. You should only using mascara for no longer than 3 months
  • If you sneeze around your makeup while applying, you’re immediately putting bacteria into any open container. Walk into another room to avoid sneezing on your products.
  • Make sure you fully wipe off any food on your lips and if possible, brush your teeth, before reapplying lip colour. Reapplying your lipstick after eating food, you’re pressing left over food particles into your lips, and into the product itself.
  • Never share any beauty products with your friends, you’re immediately putting any of their germs into your products and vice versa.
  • Clear out your makeup but don’t forget your makeup bag needs to be cleaned too.
  • Don’t double dip. Use different brushes for each kind of makeup application. If you use one brush to apply powder to your face, then dip it into your blush, you’re transferring any oils from your face into your blush compact, and then redistributing those oils onto your cheeks when you apply blush. Remember to clean your brushes about once a week.
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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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