Chemo brain is very real but a lesser-known side effect of chemotherapy described as a mental cloudiness or fog.

Losing your train of thought can be scary and one of the most frustrating parts of chemotherapy treatment. You’re having a conversation when all of a sudden you forget what you’re talking about.  There’s also an inability to find right word in conversations. Losing your train of thought is not a one off but happens multiple times.

Patients often complain that they cannot mentally function as well after treatment as before. They feel as though they’re in a general fog, problems remembering names and numbers, managing the household and finances.

Shelli’s wardrobe doors were plastered with post-it notes to remind her of thoughts, ideas and planning. There was a time she would forget the password to her computer and this was devastating for her and she would be agitated until she remembered.

Keep note of your symptoms (we’ve popped a notebook in Kit) and make sure your medical team is aware of your situation.

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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