Some subjects can be “Prickly”

Some subjects can be too prickly or sensitive for you to talk about.

People can start to question your treatment as if they know more than your medical team and make suggest alternate ways to treat your cancer.

  • You should be drinking lots of raw juices and green tea. Thats what I’d do instead of getting chemo”

Others bring religion into it. This can make you angry and agitate you. People can be insensitive with remarks like –

  • I don’t think you have cancer you dont look sick enough.
  • You are lucky, you got the good (breast) cancer. Hardly anyone dies from breast cancer anymore.
  •  Everything happens for a reason.
  • I would visit you but i just can’t bear to see you like that
  • Oh, my (aunt, mother, sister, friend etc) just died from that.

Think about your “trigger points” and “prickly subjects.” Share what you want to share then be prepared to change the topic and and plan a response to cut off the conversation.

“Let’s not talk cancer I am over talking about that. Let’s chat about something else. What have you been up to?”

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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