Planning to travel? Travelling can put you in danger of becoming dehydrated. Some patients travel for treatment itself and some if they can work.

When travelling you often stray from your eating routine grabbing unhealthy choices on the go. Often you drink less water. Monitor your urine; if it’s dark yellow or brown, find time to grab a drink.

Take proper precautions and use common sense to travel comfortably and safely.

  1. Avoid places where you will not have access to good medical care.
  2. Choose a savvy, supportive, experienced travel companion who knows you and your destination well and will be able to help you should you require assistance.
  3. If travelling for work try to choose airlines and hotels you are comfortable with and pick times when you have the most energy.
  4. Know and respect your body’s limits.

If you are travelling include Hydralyte in your first aid kit. Sip on a Hydralyte, drink plenty of water and avoid dehydrating beverages like alcohol, tea and coffee. We have popped some Hydralyte in Kit.

Check with your medical team before travelling and make sure you have enough medication to see you through.

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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