Veggie-packed soups

Staying well-nourished and strong is so important but when you are cancer fatigued and feeling queasy and nauseous eating becomes a lesser priority.

It doesn’t help that you just don’t feel like eating and you can have mouth problems such as dry mouth or ulcers.

Winter is a excellent time to stock up your freezer with veggie-packed soups.  Homemade soups are fabulous suggestion for those wanting to prepare food for a cancer patient. Remember to package in smaller portions as large meals can be overwhelming.

For those cooking for yourselves get your slow cooker out and prep the food when you feel less fatigued. Any veggies and lentils are a great base for hearty and healthy soups. You can then leave it to cook while you rest. No problems with leaving a pot on the stove if you fall asleep.

A cup of soup can go a long way to helping you stay strong and nourished, it’s enjoyable and easy to digest. Puree if you are having problems swallowing.

Always consult your medical team if you are having eating difficulties.

Image Taste: Lamb and Pumpkin Soup

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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