It’s important to stay warm when outside so add gloves to your wardrobe along with your hat and scarf.

You take care holding onto rails, touching door handles, crosswalk/lift buttons, ATMs etc and when you take your gloves off, DISASTER!! How many people use their teeth to pull the gloves off their fingers!!!

If you have done this, the germs your gloves have picked up went straight in your mouth. When taking your gloves off, carefully loosen them at the fingertips, and pull them off with your opposite hand. Don’t use your teeth or mouth.

Don’t stuff your dirty or wet gloves and scarves in your pocket. They need to dry thoroughly to kill the germs. Gloves and scarves are just as germy as other fabrics that haven’t been cleaned so remember to clean these too.

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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