Cold weather pain

For a cancer patient this might not be the year to plan a trip to the snow or a cold weather holiday. Just coping with our cold Winter months at home can be hard.

Peripheral neuropathy causing numbness in the extremities can be a side effect of some cancer treatments.  Cold weather can also intensify pain that patients with peripheral neuropathy can experience numbness in the hands and feet can make patients more prone to frostbite because they don’t realize how cold their hands and fingers are. This may also cause falls because of the numbness in the patient’s feet.

Some chemotherapy treatments and radiation therapy can affect your bones so extra care needs to be taken not to fall on the ice or slip on wet ground risking breaking bones.

Don’t venture outside without a scarf and warm hat. With no hair you have no “insulation” on your head so cover up because much of your body heat will be lost through the head and shoulders. Make sure you keep your hands and feet warm by covering up in socks and gloves too.

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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