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Coping with cancer and stress is different for many patients. Something that works for some may not work for others. When coping with feelings and stress find whatever activity helps you unwind and allot time to participate.

Meditation focusing awareness of the mind and body, guided imagery creating peaceful and relaxing images in your mind and relaxation exercises involving deep, slow breathing while concentrating on filling the lungs and relaxing muscles are methods often used. You may consider these to help you relax when you feel worried.

Schedule daily relaxing time doing an activity you find relaxing, such as reading a book, gardening, craft or listening to music. Do things you enjoy such as watching your favorite television show or movie. Invite a friend over for company  Enjoy a meal or coffee at your favourite cafe/restaurant, Laughter reduces stress so consider seeing a funny movie or reading a humorous book.

What works for you? Give us some ideas.
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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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