Parking & the invisible disability

Some days just walking across the carpark can be too painful or taxing for those with metastatic, or late-stage cancer or undergoing aggressive cancer treatments.

Cancer patients undergoing cancer treatment, particularly chemotherapy, do not realize that they may be eligible to receive a disabled parking permit. Doctors recognize that chronic illness and/or its aggressive treatment can make it painful or difficult to walk long distances. A person with a disability who doesn’t require a wheelchair could be in an incredible amount of pain so the ability to park in disabled spaces closer to elevators, lifts or building entrances can make all the difference in your pain suffering and quality of life.

Talk to your doctor about your difficulties and the symptoms that limit your everyday mobility regarding a disabled parking permit.

There are two types of disabled parking permits – blue and green:

  1. Blue Permit. Allows you to park in a disabled parking bay (some bays have a time limit) plus green permit rules.
  2. Green Permit. You are not permitted to park in a disabled parking bay but you can park for double the time in a normal parking bay and pay the appropriate fees.

For details check out Australian Disability Parking Scheme and relevant councils.


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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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