Show gratitude, say thank you

When diagnosed with cancer people show they care by sending lovely thoughtful gifts, from flowers to books, sweets and donuts, comforting blankets, special mugs, signs with words of encouragement and cards. Hopefully though the fog of being diagnosed with cancer you were grateful and phoned or sent a thank you notes/emails.

But don’t forget to say thank you to friends who deliver meals, drop in for visits or leave little notes.  Show thanks to parents, in-laws and family members who take over household duties, take you to treatment or put up with your grumpy mood changes. They don’t ask or want for gratitude and they are hurting seeing you ill. Hopefully the words “thank you” give them reassurance they are doing something good for you.

Sometimes notes tend to be a bit more formal for family and friends, When you phone they can sense your appreciation in your voice and their kind gesture was important to you. A note is better for gifts or larger acts of kindness.

Who has helped you lately? Take a moment to phone them and thank them for all they did.

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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