As a result of your illness and treatment you may experience your taste changing. All that lovely summer fruits and Christmas foods and everything tastes metallic! Radiation treatment may result in dry mouth and as your taste buds can change and things can taste metallic and yucky with chemotherapy. This change in taste may result in you disliking certain foods that you would normal eat and can cause a loss of appetite leading to weight loss.

Fruit tingles are one of the best things to help cleanse the palette, get your mouth working, and taste OK too. Always keep a pack in your bag. Our Kit is nearly overflowing with goodies but we squeeze a packet of fruit tingles in! Always keep a pack in your bag.

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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Kit for Cancer is a hand-curated support pack. It’s made by cancer patients for patients. So we know it’s filled with all the practical & comfort things we all actually need the minute we hear the words YOU. HAVE. CANCER.

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