Comfy clothes and layers

Clothes for chemotherapy should be loose-fitting to help you feel comfortable and practical but you also want to feel good about yourself. You can also wear yoga pants or sweat pants that are lightweight for comfort. Some patients like hoodies because it can keep their head and neck warm.

Keep in mind the location of your port so that you can dress appropriately.The nurses will need access to your arms or a port if you have one so wear something they can easily remove. A short sleeve, low neck or button-up shirt makes access easier to your arm or port. Short sleeves or 3/4-length sleeves for days of blood pressure checks and blood tests.

Some chemotherapy centres can be chilly, others crowded and stuffy. Dressing in layers is usually a good idea. Always bring a warm top that you can take off when the hot flashes set in, or put on or around your shoulders when you start to feel nervous and chilly. Preferably front opening top as it’s hard to get clothes on or off over your head when you have those IV tubes etc. Socks are a good idea too.

What you wear might not seem important but anything that can make treatment easier has to be.

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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