Be aware with lymphedema

Do you suffer from  lymphedema?  Keep your arm or leg free of cuts, insect bites, or sunburn.  Avoid having shots or blood tests done in that area. You may think this is simple but trust me, if you have lymphedema in the arm, you constantly need to remind medical staff not to use that arm.

An interesting fact that I really did not know but will be aware of in the future is to try not to use that arm or leg to figure out how hot or cold something is. You may be less able to feel hot and cold now. Be careful when you put your hands under a tap in case water is hot, beware of a hot handle on a pot or being to close to the cooking flame. If you are baking be very mindful of the oven always using correct protection to remove items from the oven.

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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