Cancer’s lessons of life

One thing that cancer taught me was some of the big things that I thought were SO important didn’t matter and to enjoy every little thing.

Before Shelli was diagnosed with cancer we visited Disney California Adventure Park. I was too afraid to go on the Roller Coaster California Screamin’. Shelli turned to me and said “With what you have been through this is nothing.”  I still cannot believe I did the loop. (never again but I did it!!)

Making memories are what’s important and it could be a holiday, the movies, the zoo, the park, relaxing for meal or coffee or just spending time together as a family. I visited Chadstone recently and  Shelli was all around me. We always went shopping there. Memories last. Shopping will always be a “Shelli” memory and that’s what’s important.

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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