Take a Power Nap

Take a power nap or naps during the day. Power nap is usually a rest period that lasts less than an hour. Set yourself a few power naps throughout the day especially if you have advanced cancer and are very tired.

Take power naps rather than one long nap during the day. According to the Sleep Foundation even a very short nap has its benefits, but the length of a nap determines the benefits you will experience, as follows: 

20 Minute Nap – It enhances memory, mental alertness, and motor learning skills.

20 To 30 Minute Nap – It boosts creativity and boosts memory.

30 To 60 Minute Nap – It enhances decision-making skills and memory

60 To 90 Minute Nap – It ensures REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, so it is the most beneficial nap type. It helps you reset the brain, and has a dramatic effect on the problem-solving skills. 

Pushing yourself to keep going won’t help and you’ll be more tired and less able to cope. Anything longer might interfere with your rest cycle and can add to your fatigue. Too much rest can lower your energy level and make it harder to sleep at night. If you cannot sleep during these rest times, just sit or lie down to rest will help.

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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