Beware when you kick off shoes

Often the first thing we do when we arrive home is kick our shoes off wherever we are. Now that’s not such a bad idea when you think about where the soles of your shoes have been, YUCK!! public bathrooms, hospital floors, shopping centres, sticky restaurant floors, muddy footpaths….. Imagine every time your shoe comes into contact with one of these surfaces! 

We should be lining them up by the front door or take taking them to your bedroom room but no, that would be too easy.  It is way better to take them off wherever you prop. We kick them off when we sit on the couch or chair, near the table, in the hallway, just waiting to trip over them when we get up!! This trip hazard can result in broken bones.

Do not be tempted to  walk around in socks or stockings without shoes when walking on tiled floors or polished floorboards. It can be very slippery. Ensure your footwear fits well, in good repair and free from grease or dirt.

Bones weakened from metastatic cancer can break or fracture. Even minor falls can result in broken bones. It is extremely important for the patient to take special care.

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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