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Feelings of depression, anxiety, and fear can strike at any time and are very common and normal responses to a cancer diagnosis.

They have a huge impact on most patients, families, and caregivers which can be a big problem. Changes in body image can affect self-esteem, pain, nausea, or fatigue from treatment and fear of death and the unknown can all combine to cause emotional distress.

It’s hard but important to try and manage your stress, which can weaken your immune system and lower your defence when fighting metastatic cancer. If your distress reaches moderate to severe levels discuss with your medical team as you may need extra help.

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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Kit for Cancer is a hand-curated support pack. It’s made by cancer patients for patients. So we know it’s filled with all the practical & comfort things we all actually need the minute we hear the words YOU. HAVE. CANCER.

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