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Cut the small talk, just tell me the results. After you’ve waited a period between scans and your appointment the last thing you need is a social chat. You get the chance to celebrate the result or discuss what lies ahead after the results are known. Fortunately my medical team know this about me!

If it’s a win it’s worth celebrating. Even for metastatic breast cancer patients small everyday victories are worth a celebration. In fact getting through rough days is well worth celebrating. Each completed treatment is an accomplishment.

For all cancer patients there is a lot of uncertainty about where life is heading. For those fortunate enough to to have good results there is always next year, new scans, more appointments and more anxiety. For Shelli, the few times she heard the word ‘STABLE’ it was pure joy. A time to celebrate!

Celebrations don’t have to be huge, Shelli’s treatments started a few days before with a visit to have her nails done and would often finish with a trip to the frozen yoghurt shop.

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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