A time to remember

It’s another Christmas, another year on to reflect and remember Shelli. I thought it would get easier but as others who have lost a loved one will understand, it doesn’t.

I spent time flicking through Shell’s facebook page looking for a post, and my!!, such memories, such awesome messages from friends that I have missed and never read. There were tears reading them but it was also a reminder that Facebook is not all bad, Where else could you find a history, so readily available, of memories, good and bad times, fun times, business ventures, new friends made and old friends revisited! I found a post (December 2017) by Sally Trudgen, a school friend of Shelli, and absolutely love the image I’ve used today.

For many, Christmas is a happy occasion spending time with loved ones but for others it is often an emotional time even when you don’t have cancer.  Christmas is a reminder of loved ones they have lost or are separated from. Shelli absolutely loved Christmas.

There is no right or wrong way to feel as everyone reacts and copes in their own way.

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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