Get ready!  The forecast has pinned us in for a scorcher and it could be sticking around for awhile!  That sun can pack a punch in more ways than one. Summer’s hot weather can feel even worse for cancer patients so remember to hydrate. Learn to recognise the signs and symptoms of dehydration. These include a sticky or dry mouth, increased thirst, fatigue, headache, decreased urine output and dark yellow urine.

To function correctly, your body needs both water and electrolytes (such as sodium, potassium and chloride). Water helps to maintain body temperature, digest food and lubricate tissues and joints. Electrolytes, help to retain fluid, and maintain good nerve and muscle function. Remember your Hydralyte in our Kit for Cancer case to replenish your body’s electrolytes.

Try to stay in an air-conditioned space or limit the amount of time you are exposed to heat. Stay alert to warning signs so you can take action immediately and get indoors when you need to. If you are having problems seek medical care immediately.

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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