Wash your reusable grocery shopping bags

Reusable grocery shopping bags are great for the environment they can harbour multiple harmful bacteria and E.coli. Your body will not be able to fight germs off as well as it normally would while you are going through chemotherapy putting cancer patients at higher risk of serious and even life-threatening problems

Shopping bags used for meats, produce, and precooked foods should be washed frequently. Bags used for cleaning supplies or dry goods can go a bit longer between washings. Use grocery reusable bags only for carrying food—no gym clothes, diapers, chemicals, or gardening supplies.

Check your bags for washing instructions. It’s best to purchase reusable shopping bags that you can pop in the washing machine. Wash in hot water with your usual detergent. The hot water is necessary to kill E. coli and other bacteria. Line dry or put into the dryer ONLY if instructions recommend this.

Bleach may damage and weaken the bag fibre so if you want to go that little bit extra include some disinfectant.

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