No barista likes a less-than-clean reusable cup. It’s important that your reusable cup is simple to rinse out.  You also don’t want to increase any health problems with poorly washed cups and your immune system. The main problem with reusable travel cups is the lids which are not usually cleaned as well as they should be.

We pop a KeepCup in our Kit for Cancer case, either the Original/Brew or the Original Clear Edition. Neither of these have a rubber seal where there can be a build up of black gunk lurking behind it.

For washing KeepCup recommends that you be gentle, don’t use abrasive materials or cloths when cleaning. For everyday use a quick rinse will do it but they recommend a thorough clean once a week. The lids, plugs, silicone bands and cup components are durable, and designed to be easy to care for. All are dishwasher safe on the top shelf. Take extra care with the clear plastic Tritan is dishwasher safe, but grease or oil in the dishwasher may cause clouding. Handwash your Clear Tritan Cup to maintain clarity.

Keeping your KeepCup clean makes the coffee experience great for you and your lattes taste better. Make sure you hand over a clean cup to keep your barista happy too.

Click here for care instructions 


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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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