The KeepCup in our Kit for Cancer case has many uses, not just for coffee, hot chocolate or tea but great for water too. Staying hydrated is extremely important to a cancer patient so drinking that glass of water first thing in the morning should become a simple habit to help you through your day.

Water left in an open glass is not super sanitary. Use your Keepcup  to protect your drinking water from dust, debris or bugs that can drop into your glass overnight leaving an unhealthy surface scum.

Our Kit has a 12oz medium cup in the reusable plastic design made from lightweight, unbreakable plastic. The gorgeous colours are a cheerful pick me up when one needs to brighten their day. If you suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy (numbness of the hands), depending on which chemotherapy you are on, you don’t want to accidentally drop a glass cup. Take care when picking up a drink, especially a hot one!

Never share your drink with someone else or drink from a shared container.


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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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Kit for Cancer is a hand-curated support pack. It’s made by cancer patients for patients. So we know it’s filled with all the practical & comfort things we all actually need the minute we hear the words YOU. HAVE. CANCER.

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