It’s Autumn

Summer in Melbourne was very gentle to us this year, not too many hot, hot days. Autumn is a lovely time of the year when the days can be clear and the nights are cooler so trying to sleep and rest is a bit nicer. Be aware of sun sensitivity on sunny Autumn days and always take precautions when going outside including sunscreen and protective clothing including that important hat. The sun in Autumn can still pack a punch!

As the air turns cooler and leaves change colour they start to drop from the trees. Add a little rain and these leaves can be slippery and they carpet any uncovered, uneven surfaces. It is important to keep the outside areas around your home you use most often clear of fallen leaves, slime and moss. If you are fatigued maybe a friend could help.

If out and about awareness is the best way to avoid slips and falls so look before you step and choose clear paths whenever possible. Concentrate on walking and avoid talking on your phone.

Bones weakened from metastatic cancer can break or fracture during everyday activities so extra care needs to be taken not to have accidents. Avoid the dangers and enjoy Autumn.

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Betty Whitehurst

Betty Whitehurst

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