Gift for Cancer Patient

Oral care and lip balm

As part of your oral care it is important to moisturise your lips. Chemotherapy can cause cracked lips through dryness, cracking, soreness, bleeding, infections that are fungal in origin, and cold sores from herpes simplex. This can be extremely painful especially when you open your mouth wide you develop badly, cracked lips especially on the sides and …

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Oral hygiene is not negotiable

Good oral hygiene is “not negotiable.” Chemotherapy and other cancer treatments can cause sores in the mouth and throat, as well as dryness, irritation or bleeding. This can be very frustrating resulting in difficulties eating, chewing or swallowing causing discomfort and bleeding in the mouth. The pain in your mouth can be so severe that swallowing …

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Understanding medication instructions

Patients should have a written instructions from the pharmacy advising when to take their oral chemotherapy drugs and other medications. Make sure you read and understand the information. Always take your medication as directed by the Doctor or Pharmacist. Some medication is instructed to be taken with food and some on an empty stomach. This also includes …

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Small bottle, big impact!

Everything little thing helps when keeping those bugs at bay. Being in and out of hospital with so many sick!! people and the added worry of influenza, hand washing and hand sanitising becomes so vitally important. No one wants their immune system compromised. Nothing kills germs like soap and water. There are times, however, that you need …

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Goat Soap smells and feels divine

Good skincare and moisturising during chemotherapy and radiation is very important. Use gentle soaps and laundry detergents and avoid long, hot baths and showers to minimise the chance of skin aggravations. We include Goat Soap in our Kit for Cancer case because your skin needs extra care during treatment using gentle products that minimize the chance of skin aggravations. …

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Knowing your temperature

Having a fever means your body temperature is higher than normal. Something inside your body, such as an infection, has caused your temperature to rise. Some cancers, drugs and other treatment can also cause fever. Make sure you have a thermometer at home, keep it clean and read the manufacturer’s instructions first. Learn how to take …

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