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World Gratitude Day

Gratitude Day is celebrated annually on the 21st September. When diagnosed with cancer people show they care by sending lovely thoughtful gifts, from flowers to books, sweets and donuts, comforting blankets, special mugs, signs with words of encouragement and cards. Though the fog of being diagnosed with cancer phone or sent a thank you notes/emails to show …

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Friends can have a unique, substantial, and important impact on a cancer patient. When everything around them feels out of control it’s important to help them maintain their sense of self and love. In their world everything seems to revolve around treatments, medications and their medical team. The one thing we forget that really matters is …

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Eating out

It’s great if you are well enough to eat out at a restaurant with friends, family or work colleagues. This often involves eating out at restaurants. Choose restaurants that are clean and that are willing to prepare your food as you order it is cooked. As cancer treatments can weaken the immune system avoid buffets …

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R U O K? 2019

12th September, 2019 is RUOK? Day, a national day of action to inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with the  people around them and start a conversation with anyone who may be struggling with life. Learn what might be going on in someone’s life and what they might do or say when they’re struggling and …

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Oral care and lip balm

As part of your oral care it is important to moisturise your lips. Chemotherapy can cause cracked lips through dryness, cracking, soreness, bleeding, infections that are fungal in origin, and cold sores from herpes simplex. This can be extremely painful especially when you open your mouth wide you develop badly, cracked lips especially on the sides and …

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It’s Wonderful Weirdos Day

September 9th is Wonderful Weirdos Day! Embrace your inner weirdo. Be awesome, be weird, be different. What a great excuse to be your wonderful and weird self! Image: #wonderfulweirdosday #embraceyourinnerweirdo #weirdo #beyourweirdself #kitforcancer #TheKitFoundation  

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