Finally Spring again

September 1st, the first day of Spring and hopefully the start of some beautiful weather. Those warmer days can work wonders and the gardens start

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World Daffodil Day 2021

Friday 27th August 2021 is World Daffodil Day. The Power of the Flower lies in its ability not only to inspire hope, but to encourage people

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Keep in Contact

More orders, cancer doesn’t stop for Covid. Thinking of all cancer patients at this Covid time. It can be a lonely time so keep in

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To cover or not!

It’s important to protect your skin from even small cuts, grazing or scrapings. Your body will not be able to fight germs off as well as it

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Your Mouth needs TLC

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can cause sores in the mouth and throat as well as dryness, irritation or bleeding. This can be very frustrating resulting

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Coping with Bad Days

Are you having bad days coping with lockdown and feeling like breaking out? Cancer patients often have bad days. They blame themselves for upsetting the

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Honouring Amanda

Today we say our final goodbye and honour Amanda Jessup, A J Dreammaker, @ajdreamwhisperer (30/06/1968 – 13/07/2021), a beautiful friend to Shelli and The Kit Foundation.

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Four years on …  

Shelli (14/4/1975-21/7/2017) Anniversaries evoke powerful memories and flashbacks from things you don’t want to remember. Making and recording personal memories for family and friends is important

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Our Awesome Card

No Kit for Cancer case is complete without our special card. “You’re awesome #fact”. We think it’s just a perfect way to make a patient’s day

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Stay Inside and Keep Warm

Very windy, cold and wet weather will blast South Eastern Australia this weekend as a series of cold fronts bring damaging winds, rain and snow.

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Don’t do share plates

Sharing is out! This includes not sharing with anyone, including family and friends. When your immune system is weakened your body can’t fight infection as well

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You can also donate a kit to someone in need.

Due to stock and delivery delays we will not be able to supply kits until further notice.

We apologise for any inconvenience.