Quality time socialising

It’s important to prioritise your health and happiness so don’t let the low temperatures take their toll. Winter makes it far too easy to hibernate.

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National Wound Awareness Week

Wound Awareness Week takes place from 15th – 21st July, 2019 with the theme “Let’s Talk About Wounds.” Chronic wounds affect over half a million Australians

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Prioritise your sleep

A regular sleep pattern is so important to recovery and is a great way to arm yourself against bugs and viruses. Cold, dark and wet

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World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day is celebrated annually on July 7th. Chocolate comes in different flavours, including milk, white and dark chocolate.  Some scientists now say that eating

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Keep hands moisturised

Being in and out of hospital, sometimes you don’t feel so clean! There are so many sick!! people and with the added worry of influenza, hand

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Dry July

Supporting patients with cancer was important to Shelli and this is why are Kit for Cancer case was created. Many foundations raise money for research

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You can also donate a kit to someone in need.