Cancer is UGLY, treatment doesn’t need to be

KIT is a curation of essential things, comfort things & fun things to help people with cancer whittle away the dull moments, pump up the good ones, and most of all enjoy the ride. Wait did we say “enjoy” in the same sentence as Cancer? Yeah we did!

Because when you have CANCER the last thing you need to waste time on is finding stuff to help you get through the daily grind of treatment, temperature taking, journal writing, oral care, skin care, hospital trips (yawn) and generally feeling rubbish. So we took care of that by putting all the stuff that helps into one very stylish little box. Which means when you give it, there is more time for high fives and enjoying life together, the way friends and family should.

 A percentage of profits from each KIT goes directly to donating kits through medical teams who help people with cancer have better days, everyday. This means more smiles, and that’s what makes us tick.

Shelli Whitehurst (14 April, 1975 – 21 July, 2017)

About Shelli Whitehurst

As co-founder of KIT for CANCER and CEO of Code Name Max, Shelli has over 20 years experience working with international clients. She is an entrepreneur who has a reputation for assembling teams that strategise, develop and deliver solutions for brands in the digital marketing space. Co-founder of the Australian social enterprise KIT for CANCER, Shelli was diagnosed with Stage 4 bilateral breast cancer aged 39 and is passionate about helping the hundreds of millions of cancer patients that will come after her.

You can also donate a kit to someone in need.


About Kit

When Shelli Whitehurst heard the words ‘you have cancer’ she went from successful businesswoman to cancer patient in a matter of minutes. Now she developed a product that is set to make cancer treatment for the world’s 14-million-plus sufferers a more dignified and bearable experience. Called Kit for Cancer, the luxurious care package is filled with practical items useful for people undergoing chemotherapy. Shelli said Kit for Cancer has been curated by current and former cancer patients and is designed to support people from the moment they are diagnosed to the ‘next,’ by providing the essentials to assist them through the discomfort of treatment. “There are so many things people don’t think of when they are about to undergo chemo; how their taste buds will change, how their skin will become sensitive and irritated, and how they will become extremely tired.” People undergoing chemotherapy experience many side effects on top of the noticeable hair loss – Kit For Cancer contains a collection of products to aid in relief of these symptoms. Shelli would say that although everyone is geared towards raising money for future cancer research, the current patients can be forgotten, when they are just as important. “KIT is the first sentimental gesture that is actually geared towards getting people through the daily regime of treatment,” Shelli said.

About The Kit Foundation

The Kit Foundation is a socially responsible, development agency focused on products and services that contribute to the betterment of the world. Its founders consist of executives from numerous marketing, advertising and development agencies. In addition, The Kit Foundation boasts an impressive advisory board filled with surgeons, non-profit directors and executives from large organisations worldwide. The Kit Foundation is based in Australia.

Brand partners

We rely on brand partners with products, services or discounts to help fill Kit. Our current partners include: Wilson Storage, Code Name Max, Oral 7, Burt’s Bees, KeepCup, Wotnot, thankyou and Discount Drug Stores.

How Kit For Cancer works

1. Buy one for someone that has been diagnosed with cancer
2. Pay it forward to someone who needs one
3. Corporate Opportunities – buy KITs in bulk and come on a KIT mission with us and give them out.
4. Corporate Social Responsibility – where KITs can be inbuilt into the company so that when a staff member or a staff members family is diagnosed a KIT is automatically sent to them.

Due to stock and delivery delays we will not be able to supply kits until further notice.

We apologise for any inconvenience.