Brush often, replace regularly

When did you last replace your toothbrush? REPLACE YOUR TOOTHBRUSH REGULARLY. Keeping it longer can lead to bacteria buildup, which can cause a slew of oral health problems. Oral complications make it difficult to chew, swallow, and even speak. It is so important to brush your teeth, gums, and tongue after every meal and at bedtime. Remember, …

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Going to a barbecue

Grand final week, West Coast and Collingwood, and you have that invite to a barbecue for those who could not secure tickets. Food at barbecues or picnics is more likely to harbor food borne bacteria.  Food is often left unrefrigerated outside for too long before consumption.  Insects wind-borne dust and bacteria and meats cooked on barbecues with …

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Mobile phones

Cancer patients cannot avoid touching dirty things, money, food, hospital trays, handrails, grocery carts, doorknobs, ATM buttons, grocery store checkout pads, the list goes on. When touching phones bacteria passes from hands to devices. Studies show the average phone is crawling with more bacteria than a public restroom. The bacteria on our phones/touchscreens thrive then your phone’s battery …

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Makeup Brushes

Bacteria can be sneaky. You may clean your makeup brushes and toss away beauty products that have expired but there are other ways bacteria makes its way into your beauty regime. If you use products in a jar as opposed to a tube each time you dip your fingers in you’re adding bacteria can cause irritation, …

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