Rug up

Coping with these cold Winter months can be hard with extreme sensitivity to the cold. Don’t venture outside without a scarf and warm hat. With no hair you have no “insulation” on your head so cover up because much of your body heat will be lost through the head and shoulders. Make sure you keep your hands …

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The Blanket

Cancer patients often say they get cold during treatment so it helps to cuddle up with a blanket throw. Be sure to check if warm blankets are available before unnecessarily transporting one with you. Some centres have blanket warming cabinets. designed to maintain blankets at a safe temperature to assist patient comforting and stored safely …

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Cold weather and pain

Just coping with our cold Winter months  can be hard. Peripheral neuropathy causing numbness in the extremities can be a side effect of some cancer treatments.  Cold weather can also intensify pain that patients with peripheral neuropathy can experience. Numbness in the hands and feet can make patients more prone to frostbite because they don’t realize how …

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Eye issues

Many cancer patients experience eye issues during treatment. Eye problems  caused by some types of chemotherapy may include irritated or dry eyes causing an uncomfortable dryness, tearing, redness, pain, and blurred vision. Winter weather and cold winds can also dry your eyes so give them extra protection and wrap a warm scarf around your face …

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Autumn Sun

Be aware of sun sensitivity on sunny Autumn days and always take precautions when going outside including sunscreen and protective clothing including that important hat. The sun in Autumn can still pack a punch! Treatment can cause changes to your skin, as both radiation therapy and chemotherapy can cause sensitivity to the sun. During chemotherapy, it is best …

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