Accidents happen!

Beware of the kids toys. You are likely to trip over toys left around, especially Christmas Day when presents are scattered every where. Patients undergoing cancer treatment are more at risk for osteoporosis and bones weakened from metastatic cancer can break or fracture. Extreme care needs to be taken not to trip over toys. Teach the kids …

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With warmer weather we are tempted to slip into scuff type slippers. Wear slippers that are good fitting. Be aware that you may be at high risk of falling if unsteady on your feet or just weak.  Do not be tempted to  walk around in socks or stockings without shoes when walking on tiled floors or polished …

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Wipe up spills immediately to reduce the risk of falls or slips and avoid the area until it had completely dried. Warning signs should by temporarily set up until the liquid is removed from the floor at workplaces and shopping centres. When coming inside wipe your feet on entrance mats. Your soles may be wet and slippery on …

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Two left feet

Sometimes you can feel like you have two left feet and trip on nothing at all. It is important for cancer patients to be constantly aware of the dangers of slippery surfaces and to learn to walk safely especially this Winter with wet footpaths, smooth tiled surfaces at shopping centres and slippery paving. Wear shoes with rubber …

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