Hydration during the colder months

Our hydration needs do not change much during the cooler months. Your body still loses water through sweating, sweating, breathing and urinating no matter which season it is. If you feel thirsty, have dry mouth, are light-headed, cannot focus well, feel tired or notice your skin is dry, then you need to drink more water. To function …

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Manage your Diarrhoea

If it’s not constipation then your treatment often involves the opposite, diarrhoea. More frequent bowel motions and diarrhoea are common for cancer patients due to the cancer or its treatment. Inform your medical team as soon as you have the first signs of diarrhoea. They can advise you on how to manage your situation and recommend medication. Severe diarrhoea can make …

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Cracked lips

This hot weather.can cause your lips to be dry, dehydrated and chapped. The development of sore lips from treatment causes further discomfort for patients. Chemotherapy can cause cracked lips through dryness, cracking, soreness, bleeding, infections that are fungal in origin, and cold sores from herpes simplex. When you open your mouth wide you develop badly, cracked lips …

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Fuel your body

To ensure you body is the best possible condition for chemotherapy treatment start making healthy food choices. Fuel your body with a healthy diet to supply you with the energy you are going to need. Drink plenty but sorry, no alcohol! Water is best. This is especially important in the days leading up to chemotherapy. …

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