Washing hands with soap and water

Hand washing is more important now than ever with health authorities constantly urging us to pay attention to our hand hygiene in the fight against the coronavirus. For a cancer patient it’s a constant fight against infection and your skin needs gentle products that minimize the chance of skin aggravation during both chemotherapy and radiation …

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Infections can be dangerous

Infections are caused by germs, including bacteria, viruses and fungi. One of the most common ways that cancer patients get infections is through the air by breathing them in. Other ways include the skin being damaged or through the mouth from things they touch or eat. . Patients can also get infections from other people with illnesses …

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Planning a visit

People with weak immune systems should avoid visitors who have a cold or another infection. Cancer patients with a compromised immune system are at risk of infection as a result of their underlying disease or from chemotherapy. Viruses and other infectious illnesses can spread from person to person through close contact and the water droplets that a person …

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Don’t just cover and forget

It’s important to protect your skin from even small cuts, grazing or scraping. your skin. Your body will not be able to fight germs off as well as it normally would while you are going through chemotherapy. These are easy ways for germs to enter your body causing infection. Keep cuts and scrapes clean, dry and covered. Don’t just …

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