Have a good laugh

People are busy Christmas shopping, parties and meeting up with friends. There’s so much going on around us but you’re tired and fatigued, sick of treatment and would love to join in all the fun.  It’s tempting to sulk in discouragement. But don’t let that happen. The joy you get from laughing with friends or playing …

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Time to de-stress

It’s not easy to laugh when you are coping with cancer. When life gets tough a good laugh is the quickest way to de-stress. Laughing is an effective distraction from things that cause anxiety and anger so choose your favourite comedy or movie and allow yourself to laugh out loud. Laughter can help you breathe deeply sustaining deep …

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Laughing can pack a punch- it helps increase heart rate, respiration, and it gets the blood pumping as the upper body muscles are recruited into the action. A good laugh causes the brain to release stress relieving endorphins which increases people’s ability to cope with stressful situations. Sometimes it not easy to laugh when it comes …

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Hope is a lifeline so don’t let anyone ever take that away from you. The best gift you can give yourself is to surround yourself with family and friends who make you feel good, those who make you laugh but let you cry freely during that low period. Take each day as it comes. If it’s a bad …

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