Help with your Radiation Treatment

We include a tube of Sorbolene and Thursday Plantation Aloe Vera Gel in our Kit for Cancer Case to help with your radiation treatment.  Skin is an organ and a barrier to fluid loss; any time it is compromised by a burn or sunburn and can struggle to maintain proper hydration levels. Unfortunately, radiation injures or kills healthy cells …

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Marie Kondo may have sparked the latest decluttering craze at home but we are suggesting you  declutter or unbusy your life!  Chemotherapy treatment and radiation can have you feeling exhausted and frazzled. Everyone seems obsessed with being busy but it makes us stressed and miserable. Clear your calendar of the clutter. Just drop it, let it go. …

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Your Skin can take a Beating

If you are going through some radiation therapy, your skin can take a beating. To help cool the skin and relieve the pain we have included in our Kit for Cancer case a tube of Thursday Plantation Aloe Vera Gel.  It’s free from mineral oils, lauryl sulphates, synthetic fragrances and animal derived ingredients. Start early and moisturise before you …

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Awesome relief for skin that’s hot & hurts

Unfortunately, radiation injures or kills healthy cells as well as cancer cells in the treated area. Repeated radiation exposure causes an imbalance in tissue damage and repair so that exposed skin is damaged faster than it can repair itself. Even after continual moisturising it can become sensitive, burnt, blistered, peeling and very uncomfortable. We have included in …

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Autumn Sun

Be aware of sun sensitivity on sunny Autumn days and always take precautions when going outside including sunscreen and protective clothing including that important hat. The sun in Autumn can still pack a punch! Treatment can cause changes to your skin, as both radiation therapy and chemotherapy can cause sensitivity to the sun. During chemotherapy, it is best …

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