When your mouth is yucky

Many patients find chemotherapy leaves them with a metallic taste. When your mouth is yucky, food tastes bitter and rancid and you can lose interest in food and eating very quickly. This change in taste may result in you disliking certain foods that you would normal eat and can cause a loss of appetite leading to weight loss. Choose foods …

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Metallic taste side-effect

Patients being treated for cancer with chemotherapy or radiation may experience a metallic taste, a common side-effect of treatment. Every food may taste the same and then that awful metallic or chemical taste in your mouth can make eating unpalatable. Drop by the Kee-moh Snacks Youtube Channel for some awesome tips that may help. One easy tip is …

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Everything tastes yucky

As a result of your illness and treatment you may experience your taste changing. All that lovely summer fruits and Christmas foods and everything tastes metallic! Radiation treatment may result in dry mouth and as your taste buds can change and things can taste metallic and yucky with chemotherapy. This change in taste may result in you …

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