The people behind the legend


(14 April, 1975 – 21 July, 2017)
As co-founder of KIT for CANCER and CEO of Code Name Max, Shelli has over 20 years experience working with international clients. She is an entrepreneur who has a reputation for assembling teams that strategise, develop and deliver solutions for brands in the digital marketing space. Co-founder of the Australian social enterprise KIT for CANCER, Shelli was diagnosed with Stage 4 bilateral breast cancer aged 39 and is passionate about helping the hundreds of millions of cancer patients that will come after her.

Matt Whitehurst
Co-Founder, Director

I’m a co-founder of The Kit Foundation (formerlyKit UP) and CEO of Code Name Max. My sister, Shelli Whitehurst (original Co Founder), courageously fought Stage 4 Breast Cancer until she passed away in July 2017. I am passionate about making sure that Shelli and Dylan from Feel Creative’s idea continues and everyone diagnosed with Cancer is treated in style.

I have over 15 years in marking and creating. Specializing in all aspects of the creative execution – product design, print, digital, photography and film. Yes I can make the logo bigger.

Dylan Kemp - Co-Founder

As co-founder & Strategy Director at Feel Creative I am focused on identifying emerging technology, behaviour, and business trends. My passion is in disrupting traditional approaches to design, business and fundraising.

Chris Hang - Co-Founder

As a co-founder of the original KitUp and Technical Director at Feel I’ve had 15 years experience with researching, developing, and deploying mobile and web applications for national and international clients. I have a passion for emergent technologies, user experience, and social enterprises.

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